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Posted:Sep 11, 02:05:11 UTC Subreddit: r/ProgrammerHumor Username: John_Fx Original. Watching this makes me feel like it’s a sep up from VBA.

A programming language is if it equivalent to a machine. In practice, it means that any algorithm can be implemented.

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hediet commented Mar 24, . This is not really a bug report and I certainly don’t want TypeScripts type system being restricted due to this issue. However, I noticed that the type system in its current form (version 2.2) is . is being achieved by combining…

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In fact, it can do anything any other universal computer can, because it is : “Only trained PowerPoint professionals should attempt to reproduce this research.”

is a property of any programming language that allows a computer to simulate anything that our universe contains. If a language is , it can provide all of the logic we’ve grown accustomed to in our computers.

Dhall is not because evaluation always halts. You can never write a configuration file that accidentally hangs or loops indefinitely when